[Watch] Arnab Kicks Out ‘Regressive’ Shamsher Khan Pathan Off His Show!


The country is debating over the issue of ‘triple talaq’ and the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). Women’s right activists and sections from across the country have come out in support of Muslim women, who have been victims of this regressive practice for years now wherein a man can divorce his wife quite easily by saying ‘talaq’ three times.


This issue of national interest was also debated on Arnab Goswami’s show. The panelists included women and one of the panelists was also former Ex-ACP of the Mumbai Police, Shamsher Khan Pathan. During the debate Shamsher, who supports the practice of ‘triple talaq’ crossed the line when he made personal attacks at the female panelists. This irked Arnab and what he did next was just total BADASS.

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