Man ‘Talaqs’ Wife Over Phone From Abroad And Twitter Erupts In Disgust!


“Talaq talaq talaq”

A triple recital of this word which means divorce can break down a woman’s will to live. This regressive practice followed by Muslims has plagued women for years. ‘Triple talaq’ as it is known allows Muslim men to walk out of a marital bond quite easily, leaving behind the woman in dire straits. This is being highly debated in the country at the moment and amid this there has emerged a peculiar case of the same.

A woman from Muzzafarnagar told ANI that she was divorced by her husband who lives abroad over the phone. The reason for this ‘triple talaq’ was that she gave birth to a girl child. 



The man divorced his wife because she gave birth to a girl child, which reflects yet another regressive mindset of our society. This case is a clear evidence of how regressive, disgusting and discriminatory the ‘triple talaq’ practice is.

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