VIDEO: This Documentary Showing The Real Situation In Delhi’s Sunder Nagri Is Something For Every Secular To See!


Our country has people of different faiths residing together in every state, city, town. There have been many instances in the past of communal tension and unrest between the Hindus and the Muslims but all seems well now. We have all agreed to a happy and peaceful co-existence. But are we, in reality co-existing in harmony and brotherhood?


Here is a documentary by Ravijot Singh which raises strong questions like the one above. This short film revolves around the Sunder Nagri area of Delhi, where both Hindus and Muslims reside and also has both temples and mosques. Allegedly, an ‘aarti’ at the temple was forcefully stopped by members of the other community. So Ravijot set out and spoke to the priest at the temple and few others from the area as well. He also spoke to the members of the Muslim community at the mosque to get their version. What he discovered will shock you.

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