Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Account Got Hacked And The Internet Went FULL RETARD!

Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account got hacked and a series of tweets were made. People couldn't get over it and RaGa was trending all over.


NOTE: This post is just a compilation of humor being shared on the internet. We do not condone or endorse any of the following.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is often at the receiving end of jokes on the internet. But today something happened that made the internet go crazy and Rahul Gandhi started trending all over.

Rahul Gandhi’s official Twitter handle “Office Of RG” got hacked. The hackers posted some explicit tweets slamming the Congress family and making fun of Rahul himself. Here are few of the tweets.



The hackers changed the name of Rahul’s Twitter handle to “Office of Retard Gan” much to the delight of Twitter trolls. The hackers also made a series of other tweets which were in English and had explicit language in them.

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