Now Congress’ Official Twitter Account Gets Hacked Too!

After hacking Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account, the hackers targeted the official Twitter account of the Indian National Congress.


NOTE: This post is just a compilation of humor being shared on the internet. We do not condone or endorse any of the following.

Yesterday night the internet was stormed with a major hack and it was Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s official Twitter account that was hacked.

While the internet was still getting over this, another bomb dropped and the Indian National Congress’ official Twitter account was hacked today morning. The hackers of both the accounts seem to be the same.

Once again, expletive-ridden tweets were made. Here are some.



The hackers made a series of tweets targeting the Congress. They even gave replies to various accounts. But what shocked the people the most was their tweet about their political inclination and another tweet where they threatened to drop a dump of explosive Congress e-mails. Check out their tweets further.

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