Superb Amma : When Jayalalithaa Thrashes Karan Thapar On His Face !

Karan Thapar was trying to ask some questions which Jayalalithaa did not wanted to answer but when he didn't stop, see what Jayalalithaa did to him.


India and Tamil Nadu has lost their beloved politician J. Jayalalithaa but her charisma and persona will always live in our hearts forever. Tamil Nadu has lost their favorite daughter and their most loved Chief Minister. People are grief stricken and could not believe their ‘Amma’ has left them. Messages have been pouring in from round the world after Jayalalithaa’s demise.

She was a leader of her words, she did what she said. Her charisma, persona, personality was a treat for everyone. A powerful politician who ruled Tamil Nadu on her own, she cared for people and people replied with the same affection and love. capture602

Over the long career as CM there were many a times when questions were raised on her luxurious lifestyle, assests, her believe in spirituality, numerology, astrolgy and many others things but always she came out as a winner.

As the Chief Minister she had a clear cut funda of talking straight forward, to the point. She was outgoing, courageous and never cared to please anyone except the common people. capture603

In the video you can see how Jayalalithaa shuts Journalist Karan Thapar in her own style. Its rare when you will see Karan Thapar getting thrashed so badly. Amma just took the whole interview by storm and left everyone shocked. 

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