Hilarious : Arvind Kejriwal And Congress Will Faint After Watching This Video !

Nitin Gupta, a comedian, at Agenda Aaj Tak, talked about Kejriwal and the Congress party.


Its often that Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Congress are at the receiving end of the people. Congress in the last 60 years and Kejriwal in he past 2 years have committed so many blunders that people cannot forgive them. Memes, Jokes, jibes and all things are done to troll them for their work.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy doing every bit for the improvement of he nation, most recent is the demonetization decision to curb black money from the country.

But the haters have also found loopholes in this, especially Kejriwal and the congress party seems to be unhappy with PM Modi’s decision, as the country is appreciating and supporting him.


The video in the next page is a lesson for Kejriwal and the congress. They must see it, to know how people think about them. See why they are the burning topic of every individual’s talk in a negative way. A funny and hilarious video which you cannot afford to miss.

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