Shameful : See Why Congress Spokesperson Was Thrown Out Of The Live Discussion By The Anchor !

Congress spokesperson Mr. Zakari made derogatory comments on the Maharashtra CM’s wife’s dressing.


What a Shame ! We cannot believe Congress party can stoop to such low level. A party who has been run by female leaders (Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi) for a long period of time does not know how to respect a women.

In a country like India where women are worshiped as goddesses, women’s have been fighting for their place in society since so long, the congress party has done something so cheap that it will make every women angry.


It is the congress party which talks about equality, respect, no discrimination with women and all other things but now the reality is out in public, what actually they think about women and how they treat them?


During a debate on Times Network, Congress Spokesperson Al-Nasser Zakaria made a derogatory remark for the wife of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis wife. Congress spokesperson made sexist remarks for the Maharashtra CM’s wife on National TV and the remarks were so cheap that the video had to be beeped.

It can not get more shameful than this !

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