Bankers Beware : PM Modi Comes Up With A New Masterplan !

In this week, 2 managers of Axis Bank branch in Delhi had been arrested with whooping 40 crores.


Wow… India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a roll. He is hitting bonanza with every single decision he is taking for the betterment of the country. The haters and the opposition were targeting PM Modi over poor implementation of demonetization and bankers not performing their duties fairly.

The opposition was playing in he name of common people suffering in day to day life because of scrapping of currency.


But now Beware Bankers and all the corrupt people who is not performing their duties fairly. Recently, there were reports that the bank employees were helping the corrupt people to exchange their black money easily while taking commission on it. Bankers are earning good profits by doing this while the common people stood in long queues waiting outside the bank and ATMs.


To curb this problem, PM Modi has come up with a masterplan. He has done the sting of 500 bank branches across the country. The Finance Ministry have received all the CD’s of the sting but the information will be disclosed at the right time. 

You can not imagine the number of banks which have come under the scanner and the amount with which the bankers are caught.

Next : See what all new features this sting by PM Modi has and which all banks across India have come under the scanner. There are not, one, two or three banks there are in total….

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