See What Government Is Doing To Increase Electronic Transactions !

NITI Aayog doles out incentives to push cashless payments.


The Indian government is trying their level best to curb black money from the country and increase electronic transactions among people. Currently, India is going through one of the major changes in the economic system of the country.

The Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants the country to become fully digital, everything should be done digitally. By doing this, the government will be able to keep an eye on every single transaction that takes place in the country. There will be no place for corruption and black money, if India will go electronic.

Its a tough task in the hands of the government to make a country digital where most of the business happens through cash.


But PM Modi is not one of those who does not gets scared from the challenges, he believes in facing challenges and coming out victorious. This time also the government has found a new way to make people go digital.

Niti Aayog is providing financial support and will give incentives to the district administration to reach out to the general public and small traders in villages and talukas, and encourage them to shift to cashless payments.


Yes, you heard it right, if you will go cashless, the government will give you incentives.

A great move by the government !

See further what you have to do to win the incentive and its special features. [VIDEO]