At Its Hilarious Best : ‘Pappu Ho Tum’ Trends On Twitter !

'main parliament mein bhukamp la dunga', trolled on twitter.

There seems to be a stiff competition going on between Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for the title of most trolled politician. Whenever we think Kejriwal is ahead in the battle, Rahul Gandhi comes with something disastrous to surprise us.
This time also he has given the statement of the century by saying, ‘if I will speak in the Parliament, an earthquake will come’. The earthquake did come but not in Parliament but on Twitter. People laughed their heart out after hearing the statement by the ‘prince’ of Congress.
Twitter did what it does best and with perfection – Pappu was trolled for his pappugiri and the hashtag #पप्पूहोतुम, started trending on Twitter. People gave funny reactions on Gandhi’s earthquake comment.

See Twitter exploding with ‘pappuism’ : 

  • Indian style vs Italian style :


  • Only 44 seats :



  • The laughter king :


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