Congress Will Die After Listening To Subramanian Swamy’s Answer To A Girl’s Question On “Congress Mukt Bharat”

Subramanian Swamy’s awesome answer to a girl’s question ‘why congress mukt bharat is necessary’.


This man has been in news the day he entered Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Known for his aggressive attitude, he believes in tearing the opponent apart, when he speaks in the Parliament. It is none other than Subramanian Swamy !

The BJP leader believes in attacking the opposition from the front. The way he has tackled Congress and exposed them speaks for his determination.


In 2014, general elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the slogan of ‘Congress mukt Bharat’ because the numerous scams during the Congress regime had left the country with an almost irreparable dent.

People responded to PM Modi’s request and threw the Congress out of power.

In the video below watch what happened when a girl asked Swamy ‘why Congress mukt Bharat is necessery?’

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi might not be able to digest the brilliant answer of Subramanian Swamy.

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