Watch How Mamata Bannerjee Answered When She Was Questioned About The Dhulagarh Riots

You won't believe how Mamata Bannerjee responded when she was questioned about the riots in Dhulagarh.


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee has hogged the limelight quite a few times in the past month. First it was her dramatic alliance with Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to oppose PM Modi’s demonetization.

Then came her allegations against the government of conspiracy and a coup to oust her, with the help of the army.

She is back in the news these days but this time the situation is much more serious and it isn’t exactly political.


Riots have broken out in parts of West Bengal and these have been touted to be communal. Hindus have been attacked in various parts of the state and their homes ransacked. Hundreds have been injured and there is widespread panic. But there hasn’t been any action from the government.

But when you hear the response of Mamata when she was asked about this inaction, you won’t be able to believe your own ears! Watch.

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