Leaked Video Shows Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan Taking A Dig At India!

This leaked video of Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is for everyone who stood up against the ban and boycott of Pakistani artists.


Let us go back a little in time today. Just a few months ago a number of our soldiers were killed in an attack at an army base in Uri, which was conducted by terrorists from across the border. This attack was the last straw in the ever strained relationship between India and Pakistan.

Soon after this, there were calls for boycotting all things Pakistani. Many institutions and personalities called for a ban on Pakistani artists too, to express our intolerance against Pakistan’s inaction towards curbing such activities.

At that time, many intellectuals had ridiculed this ban and called it illogical. They had stood up in support of the Pakistani artists. But they won’t after seeing what we have today.


A video has been leaked of Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, where she quite openly takes digs at India and Bollywood. Mahira has starred in a Bollywood movie with Shahrukh Khan which is set to release next month. 

Watch how Mahira ridicules India along with the host of the show in the video below.

via Jai Hind


Many intellectuals had come up in support of actors and artists from Pakistan like Mahira Khan and had opposed the boycott of these people. But now they know what the reality is. Does it still make sense to entertain these people?

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