Twitter Gives Rahul Gandhi A Reality Check And It Is Nasty

Rahul Gandhi 'dug his own grave' by saying something ridiculous and the people showed him his place.


Rahul Gandhi is trying his best and doing all that he can to make the people believe that the demonetization move is a curse and a scam.

According to him, the move is only helping the super rich and it is just another political gimmick of the Narendra Modi government. But unfortunately the people aren’t ready to fall for the lies he is trying to propagate.

Despite evident public support for PM Modi, here’s what Rahul Gandhi is trying to propagate.

Calling the demonetization a ‘sacrifice’ for the super rich and elite, RaGa is still parroting his original rant without providing any concrete evidences to prove his wild claims.

The people are smart enough to judge and are tired of these attempts by RaGa to mislead them. That is when they decided to teach him a lesson. See how the people gave RaGa a piece of their mind.

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