You Won’t Believe How Rs 2000 Notes Were Being ‘Smuggled’ Here!

We have come across many ways through which people have tried to transport illicit notes but this one was just too tough to guess. Watch for yourself.


Hawala operators across the country got the shock of their lives on the 8th of November when PM Modi announced that the old notes of Rs 500 and 1000 would no longer be valid.

The moved aimed at killing the activities of such hawala operators and other black money hoarders has been successful to quite an extent but not all of the culprits are backing down.

Some of these culprits are still finding new ways to transport money and one such shockingly innovative way has been discovered.


Here today we have a video of a seizure of hundreds of new notes of the Rs. 2000 denomination. These notes were being transported along with the goods. But it is not what you think and not something so simple that you will be able to guess.

Just watch the video below and you shall know what innovative way these people found for transporting money. SHOCKING!

via Jai Hind

Could you even think that the money was being transported in such a manner? Kudos to the authorities for nabbing these culprits.

However this seizure raises speculation about the existence of some sort of tracking in the new notes again.

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