You Will ROFL After Watching This Video Of Mamta Bannerjee On Arvind Kejriwal

Watch this hilarious video of WB CM Mamta Bannerjee that will leave you in splits and Kejriwal miffed.


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Bannerjee has hogged much limelight in the past two months than she ever did before.

Her tussle with the Central government has managed to get her all the attention she wanted. She even insulted the army and accused the government of using the forces to oust her.

But one of her moves really stood out.


Mamta Bannerjee teamed up with Arvind Kejriwal to protest against the government’s demonetization.

Kejriwal is a known Modi-hater and Mamta shares similar sentiments. However their team didn’t work and they soon parted ways. The lack of chemistry was quite visible.

But we have chanced upon a video of the WB CM which will leave you in splits. Watch Mamta’s failed shaayar avatar and also her views on Arvind Kejriwal.

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