AAP Supporter’s Fake Propaganda Busted By Hardcore Modi Enthusiast Who Holds One Among Largest FB Pages !

AAP's fake claim gets busted badly by hardcore Modi fan.


Social media has virtually replaced the newspaper. Today it is the medium through which you get all of your news and that too instantly. But this is also being used to mislead the people and promote fake things.

An Aam Aadmi Party supporter recently tweeted about how AAP has the highest reach on Facebook, of 1.5 million.

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal re-tweeted this too.

But this is a fake claim and this was busted by a hardcore Modi fan and the man behind the ‘I Support Narendra Modi’ campaign, Vikas Pandey.

His Facebook page ‘I Support Narendra Modi’ is a fan page which is the second largest page in the political category in India and has 4 times the fans of the AAP’s official page. It is also the world’s largest fan page of a politician.

Moreover the BJP’s official page also has a larger fan base than that of the AAP’s.

These are the statistics from socialbakers.com which show the biggest Facebook pages in the political category in India. PM Modi leads the list with his fan page coming second. Third on the list is the BJP’s official page. AAP’s page does not even feature in the top 10.

Then how come AAP claims to have beaten even the US Democrats too? One fails to understand.