AAP Rally Breaks All Records But You Have To Watch It For Yourself!

Watch this record-breaking rally of the AAP that will blow your mind!


The Aam Aadmi Party is one of the most dramatic political parties our country has ever seen. While the Congress is famed for scams, AAP has taken the drama route.

The AAP and their chief Arvind Kejriwal have another unique quality though and that is exaggeration of things. We saw recently how their fake claim of having the highest reach on Facebook was busted.


But here today we have a real record-breaking effort of the AAP. Here is a video of an AAP rally from Hyderabad which broke all records in terms of attendance. This might give even PM Modi the jitters.

Watch the video below.

via Vande Mataram


This video is from AAP’s rally in Hyderabad which had a paltry attendance of 7 people. This video is a funny take on AAP’s claims of huge public support and is being shared widely on social media.

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