Video Emerges On PM Modi’s Family And It Says A Lot

Watch this short yet amazing video on PM Modi's family which is something every Indian should know about.


Narendra Modi took his mother’s blessings before holding the office to become the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy. Ever since that time, he has been living away from his family including his mother.

Unlike most politicians of our country where politics runs in the families, PM Modi is totally the opposite in the regard. Be it the Gandhis, the Yadavs of Uttar Pradesh or Lalu Prasad and family from Bihar, multiple family members are into active politics.

Their incomes have also seen heavy increment with their stepping into politics.

But PM Modi and his family are way too different in this regard. It is a known fact that PM Modi lives away from his family and isn’t even in constant touch with each of them. But do you know what his family members actually do?

A beautiful video has emerged on PM Modi’s family members and it is something every Indian should watch.

via I Support Narendra Modi


PM Modi’s entire family is living the life of a common man. Despite their brother/nephew/son holding the top post of the country, there has been no change in their daily life. They have been living simple lives just like before. This is one big proof of how honest and down-to-earth PM Modi and his family is.

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