Did You Know Modi Was Invited To Join The Congress On Live TV? See How He Answered

PM Modi was once invited by Jairam Ramesh on live TV to join the Congress. Watch how he responded!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently the biggest nightmare of all the opposition parties in the country, especially the Congress.

He rose to power in 2014 and urged the people to make the defaulters pay for the 60 years that India lost. He urged the people to make the country “Congress Mukt”.

His rivalry with the Congress goes way back in time but at one time, he was openly invited to join the Congress! 


We have chanced upon an old video of Narendra Modi from his Sangh Parivar days. Narendra Modi was a panelist in one of the debates where Congress leader Jairam Ramesh was also a panelist. During the debate at one point, the Congress leader openly invited Modi to leave the BJP and join the Congress.

Watch how PM Modi responded in the video below.

via Vande Mataram


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come a long way from being in the RSS to holding the country’s premier post today. One quality of his has remained throughout though and that is the way he responds, full of wit and in short. He did just that here.

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