Army Soldier Reveals The Truth Behind Their Food That Will Pop Your Eyes Out!

BSF jawan reveals the bitter truth behind th kind of food that the soldiers are served. Watch the heart wrenching video here.


The year that passed was the year of the army. The saviors of the nation were much in the news last year, for their brave responses to the infringements at the border and the surgical strike along the LoC.

But the army was also insulted by some of our attention hungry politicians and intellectuals. They questioned the army’s credibility when they claimed to have conducted the surgical strike too. It is also an insult to all the forces that guard our nation.

For such intellectuals and politicians, here is a video of a BSF jawan that they should watch.


We all know that our jawans face a lot of difficulties and live in tough conditions. But here today we have a video posted by a BSF jawan that will send chills down your spine. This jawan has revealed the truth behind what actually happens with them and the kind of food they are served.

Watch the heart-wrenching video below.

via Troll Times


This jawan has revealed what difficulties they have to face while on duty and that too because of their seniors. He re-iterates time and again that the government provides them with all the facilities but their seniors indulge in unscrupulous activities and so they are forced to suffer.

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This video has gone viral and it reached Home Minister Rajnath Singh too. See what he said after watching this.

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