President Of TN Congress S. Thirunavukkarasar Reveals Shocking Reality About Bribing Voters During Elections!

At the India Today Conclave South, the political representatives of the three important opposition parties in the Tamil Nadu alleged charges over bribing voters.


From the India Today Conclave stage !

While the stage of India Today Conclave South was set for a discussion on ‘Waiting in the Wings: The Democratic Way’, the political representatives of the three opposition parties in the Tamil Nadu debated over bribing voters.

Three leaders from the opposition parties, DMK, PMK and the Congress in Tamil Nadu came together to debate on the scale of corruption and vote-buying in the state. Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi, Lok Sabha MP Dr Ambumani Ramadoss, and President of Tamil Nadu Congress Committee S. Thirunavukkarsar debated on buying voters during elections and how much money is given by political parties to lure voters to their sides.

The Tamil Nadu Congress president S. Thirunavukkarsar said, ‘Paying bribe in the elections is a reality. We all know it.’

‘In 1977, I fought my first elections where I spent only a few thousand rupees. The total expenditure was less than Rs 1 lakh. Now, I don’t contest elections, my son contested. He lost by 1,000 votes. Other candidate spent 20-25 crores to win the elections,’ the Congress state president stated.

See how much money AIADMK spent on each voter during polls to win the elections.

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