This Couple Shows The Way Forward With Cashless Marriage After Building Toilet At Groom’s House!

From tent house rent to purchase of vegetables, groceries and jewellery, all payments were cashless.


A marriage that will make a difference for a long time to come. An inspiring tale for the couples who will get married in the future. This couple has truly showed that respecting and understanding each other’s needs is the primary thing in a marriage.

Apart from this the couple did not forget their duty towards the nation and did something which will be remembered for a long time.

Respecting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s drive for cashless India and building toilets in every house of India, this couple had the guts to do something different in their marriage.

A cashless wedding was performed at a temple at Badia in East Singhbhum district after a toilet was built at the groom’s house. Before the marriage, the family members of the bride (Sunita) and groom (Subhash Nayak) joined hands and provided voluntary services in the construction of a toilet in the groom’s house.

An inspiration for many to follow !

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