Kejriwal Fools Delhi Again! To Be Punjab CM Candidate?

AAP taking Delhi for a major ride? Kejriwal to be Punjab CM candidate? Watch for yourself!


Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is controversy’s favorite child. He is always in the news, with some controversy or the other.

He did his usual today by unnecessarily attacking PM Modi on Twitter. PM Modi tweeted that he skipped his yoga session for today to meet his mother. Kejriwal took offense to this and launched an attack at the PM, accusing him of using his mother for political gain.

Though use of such filthy tactics is nothing new from the Delhi CM, here is something for Delhi citizens that could give them the shock of their lives.


Punjab is set to go to elections soon and the AAP is vigorously campaigning there. So much so, that Delhi has been left to suffer. But during a gathering today, AAP leader and Dy. CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia hinted that Kejriwal will be the Punjab CM candidate!

Watch Sisodia spilling the beans on AAP’s plans in the video below.

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Arvind Kejriwal had made numerous promises to the people of Delhi and had also vowed to not fight elections anywhere else. But as can be seen today, Delhi is being taken for granted while the AAP campaigns in Punjab and Goa. This event should serve as an eye-opener for the people of Delhi.

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