Watch How This Angry Auto Driver Reacted When He Was Asked About Kejriwal

Watch this angry auto driver from Delhi renaming Arvind Kejriwal for his antics. You won't stop laughing for sure.


Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has managed to disappoint a lot of people in recent times, especially the people of Delhi.

Despite being the CM of the capital, Kejriwal does not hold any ministry in the Cabinet and has been accused of completely neglecting the city and its people. He is busy campaigning for his party in Punjab at the moment. He is also said to be the AAP’s CM face for Punjab.

His antics have miffed Delhi to the core and that is quite evident. Here’s one such example.

This auto driver from Delhi was asked a question on Kejriwal. The questioner had just finished his question and the auto driver started off, to never stop. Venting his anger at the CM, this auto driver said everything many Delhi-ites would be wanting to say. 

He even renamed the Delhi CM. Watch this auto driver’s hilarious video below.

via Vande Mataram


People from across Delhi have been venting their frustration against Kejriwal for making false promises and letting them down. His antics of playing blame games and campaigning in other states while Delhi suffers has only miffed the people further. Most are now even regretting voting for the man.

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