PM Modi On Reservation

Watch what is PM Modi's take on reservation despite what the media is trying to show.


The election dates are close and all the parties are trying to woo the voters. Some parties are also involved in mud slinging and defaming the other parties.

The Samajwadi Party had grabbed all the limelight in the past few days for their family dispute. This was being speculated as a voluntary ‘tactic’ to promote Akhilesh Yadav as a development model leader.

But yesterday, yet another controversy was raised and this time to defame the BJP and the RSS.


Senior RSS ideologue Manmohan Vaidya was asked a question on reservation at the Jaipur Literature Festival and the oppositions and the vested elements pounced on his answer as an opportunity to target the government and the RSS ahead of the U.P elections.

But despite what the media says, here is PM Modi’s clear and definite take on reservation. Watch the video below.

via Troll Times

Manmohan Vaidya’s statement was twisted by the media to attack the RSS and the BJP. Vaidya clarified that the RSS is in support of caste-based reservation and only suggests a review of religion based reservation. Vaidya remarked that reservation is being used to fuel separatism and divide and therefore it should be thought upon.

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