Sambit Patra Brutally Slammed This Guy On Live TV After He Gave This Statement On Lord Ram And Sita

Maulana Dehalvi insults Lord Ram and Seeta on national TV and gets it back from Sambit Patra then and there. Watch!


An ugly spat broke out on Aaj Tak live, while the discussion was going on Muslim vote bank regarding upcoming Uttar Pradesh election. The heated debate between Muslim Clerics, BJP & RSS spokespersons started when the former Muslim Cleric gave a disgusting statement on Lord Ram & Goddess Sita.

The debate which was moderated by Punya Prasun Bajpai was attended by 3 Islamic Scholars and Sudhendra Bhadoria of BSP, Ranjeet Ranjan of Congress, Dr Rakesh Sinha from RSS and Dr Sambit Patra from BJP.

Among the three Maulanas, one among them named “Maulana Dehalvi” who is quite famous on TV shows insulted Lord Ram and Seeta today during a show on AAJ TAK in the presence of Sambit Patra and anchor Punya Prasun Bajpai.

When questioned about “triple talaq”, the maulana got irked and in the melee he ended up saying something really offensive about Lord Ram and Seeta. Watch what Sambit Patra did after that in the video on the next page.

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