Sambit Patra Brutally Slammed This Guy On Live TV After He Gave This Statement On Lord Ram And Sita

Maulana Dehalvi insults Lord Ram and Seeta on national TV and gets it back from Sambit Patra then and there. Watch!


This happened after Rakesh Sinha and Sambit Patra questioned the Muslim Clerics about “triple talaq”, on which Maulana Dehalvi got angry and ended up insulting Lord Ram and Sita.

Watch The Video Here:


After Sambit Patra and Rakesh Sinha asked this Muslim Cleric to apologize, he said: “he was sorry if he had hurt anyone’s sentiments”.

But the sentiments got hurt already. He had hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus who were watching the show worldwide. The act which he committed on national TV is profane and can lead to the worse. The full of anger Hindu community is asking for his arrest and tagging HMO for a case against him.

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