Digvijaya Singh Made A Derogatory Statement On PM Modi’s Visit To Sri Lanka! Twitterati Lambasted Him

Digvijaya Singh called PM Modi a 'liar', Twitterati mercilessly attacked him giving out hilarious reactions.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a two-day visit to Sri Lanka where he participated as the chief guest in International Vesak Day celebrations, the most important in the Buddhist calendar, which commemorates Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing away. He also addressed about 30,000 Tamils in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.

He became the first-ever Indian prime minister to do so.

Going through the speech Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered in Sri Lanka to the large population of Tamils there, the country felt proud as we finally have a Prime Minister who understands the historical roots of Tamils and the social dynamics and needs of the Tamil society.


From alerting everyone against ‘ideologies of hate’, to expressing his special association with tea and remembering Muttiah Muralitharan, PM Modi sought a radically positive engagement with the neighbouring country.

Amid the enthralling mix of spontaneous love for one’s own people and building a strong relationship with Sri Lanka, senior Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh made a derogatory comment on PM Modi and tried being funny.

This is what he tweeted.

Amidst him calling the Prime Minister a ‘liar’, Twitterati didn’t spare a thought in savagely lambasting Digvijaya Singh. They came up with the best reactions to troll him and make him realize who actually is a ‘liar’. Hilarious reactions on the next page.

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