To All Those Who Are Condemning Rajnath Singh For Not Taking Action Against Terrorism, Watch The Video Here!

Rajnath Singh reacts to people's criticism on 'Kadi Ninda' and revealed how India is going to attack naxalism and terrorism. Watch the video inside.


Terrorism is the greatest threat for emerging India and it has become a major hurdle in the way of India becoming a super power under PM Modi. In the recent time, India lost their army men in the Sukma Attack and the repeated attacks in Kashmir.


Despite Pakistan’s attempt in helping the terrorists infiltrate the border, according to some people India has failed to retaliate hard to Pakistan for its filthy tricks. Public demand wants military action against Pakistan for these attacks. Not your fault, as a sensible angered nationalist, you will surely want our Army to go back to their den and teach them a lesson for life.

Home minister Rajnath Singh was widely criticized for his ‘Kadi Ninda’ remarks after the deadly attacks that took the life of our beloved army jawans. But see what Rajnath Singh has to say when people targeted him and asked the reason behind India not taking any visible action. Watch the video on the next page to know what Rajnath Singh has to say on his remarks. A must watch.

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