Watch What PM Modi Did When He Noticed Congress CM Getting Ignored Because Of Him!

Congress leader and Himachal Paradesh CM Virbhadra Singh was being ignored by the media as PM Modi had arrived. Watch what PM Modi did on noticing this.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi can easily be called the most feared politician in India. He has already rattled the oppositions with his hard work, presence of mind and wit. He does not spare the oppositions who attack him but there is an other side to him too.

See what he did when he noticed that Himachal Pradesh CM Vidarbha Singh was being ignored by the media because of him during one of his visits to the state. Watch the video below.

via Troll Times

The video is from PM Modi’s visit to Himachal Pradesh where he had dedicated three hydro-electric projects to the nation. Senior Congress leader Virbhadra Singh was the Chief Minister of the state during PM Modi’s visit.

It is characteristic of PM Modi to get all the attention everywhere he goes and not something he desires or seeks on purpose. Here too the media was so smitten by PM Modi that they had completely ignored the state CM.


But PM Modi being the statesman that he is, got into action as soon as he realized that Virbhadra Singh is being overshadowed by him. He stopped and called out for the state CM to join him, in a kind gesture. PM Modi managed to win hearts yet again with this act of his.

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