Ajay Sehrawat Gives You The Whole Reality Of NDTV Within Minutes

Watch Ajay Sehrawat giving you the entire reality of NDTV within just 4 minutes!


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) today conducted raids at the homes and offices of Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Rao, who are both founders of NDTV. The raids were conducted for alleged bank fraud by the couple. Now nationalist Ajay Sehrawat has come up with this short video which gives you the entire reality of NDTV in minutes. Watch the video below.

via Troll Times

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The case relates to the questionable settlement of a Rs. 366 crore loan that was taken by RRPR Holding Private Limited whose directors are NDTV’s Roys, from the ICICI Bank in 2008. The loan was granted by the bank on the personal guarantee of the Roys, who had pledged their NDTV shares.

However, the loan was foreclosed within a year with a part-waiver in the interest amount, that led to a loss of Rs. 48 crore to ICICI Bank. The ED and the Income Tax department had been investigating NDTV since 2014 in a separate case involving the receiving of funds from a foreign institution and settling of that account at 80% less than the original amount received.

After the CBI raids, there was massive outrage among the oppositions and NDTV journalists who called the raids an act of revenge by the ruling BJP government. The opposition forces are trying yet again to implicate the Modi government over the raids.

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