See How NDTV Twisted Facts While Reporting About The Jammu & Kashmir DSP’s Death!

NDTV Backing Terror Gang Who Killed J&K DSP? See How They Twisted Facts...


Terror mobs in Kashmir have crossed all the limits of recklessness and inhumanity. The incident that happened in Kashmir day before yesterday, where a Jammu & Kashmir DSP was lynched to death by the terror mob outside a mosque, shook the entire nation.

People are fuming in disgust. The officer was just performing his duty. The attackers first stripped him and then shot him 3 times with a pistol. Even this did not satisfy them and they went further hitting him with stones until the dedicated policeman finally took his last breath.


This is the second horrifying incident to have happened in last two months where a policeman was speared to death. Earlier, Umar Fayaz was was dragged out of his house by terror gang and was lynched to death as well. Flip back more pages in your mind and you will remember how a mob also slapped and harassed a CRPF jawan who was on election duty.

Such terror gangs must be punished, they must be told how much we condemn their acts. But you will be shocked that NDTV is actually protecting the mob here. See how badly and pathetically they twisted the facts!

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