You Won’t Believe What An Israeli Newspaper Wrote About PM Modi

PM Modi will be visiting Israel in July. Read what an Israeli newspaper wrote about him that will shock you.


After becoming the Prime Minister of largest democratic country Narendra Modi will be the first Prime Minister of India to visit Israel. The two countries have shared 23 years of diplomatic relations and are working together on counter-terrorism, defence, agriculture and in the water and energy sectors. Israel has emerged as a major defence supplier to India.

“Wake up the most important PM of the world is coming”, this is how Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s forthcoming visit to Israel, is described in an article in one of the leading Israeli business daily.

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Business daily ‘The Marker’ in a feature story in its Hebrew edition has discussed the Indo-Israel ties saying that Israelis had set up huge expectations from United States President Donald Trump’s visit to the Jewish state but “he didn’t say much” while Modi, a leader of 1.25 billion people enjoying massive popularity and representing one of the fastest growing economies of the world deserves a lot of attention.

 Local newspapers and news portals have also given a lot of attention to the much-publicized three-day trip of  PM Modi. The Jerusalem Post a Israelian newspaper has even created a separate link, “Modi’s Visit”, where it has put up stories related to India.

Arutz Sheva  a newspaper said in a report “Unlike most world leaders, however, Modi, who governs the world’s largest democracy and second largest nation, apparently is refusing to visit Ramallah during his Israel trip, and will not schedule meetings with Palestinian Authority (PA) chief Mahmoud Abbas or other PA leaders“.

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PM Modi will be visiting Israel on 4 July and his visit is aimed at establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries. The Indian prime minister will have dinner with Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu following his arrival to Israel on July 4.

PM Modi will be meeting the Israeli Premier again for discussion on the following day. Modi would also call upon Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin on 5 July and the leader of opposition, Isaac Herzog. Around 4,000 people of Indian origin would be attending an address by Modi in the evening of July 5 in Tel Aviv.

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