BJP Spokesperson Slams Rana Ayyub LIVE For Spewing Communal Hatred!

BJP spokesperson Sanju Verma slammed Rana Ayyub like a boss. Watch video...


One minor Muslim boy was allegedly stabbed to death and four others were injured on board a Mathura-bound train a few days ago when an argument over a seat turned into religious slurs and triggered a mob attack on family members returning home from Eid shopping.


This was the actual news. But some media houses showed it in a way that disturbed the communal rest in the country. Reports by few media houses affirmed that the men were targeted and attacked as they were suspected of carrying beef in their bags!

We all know how sensitive situations have been lately on this very issue of beef, so any news related to this issue requires to be strictly authentic and credible. But it seems like some media houses and some of our journalists do not get this. One such insecure journalist is Rana Ayyub who has been found many times spreading and promoting communal hatred.

On the news about the death of the Muslim boy, Rana Ayyub shot a personal comment at BJP spokesperson Sanju Verma. This enraged the BJP leader and then she slammed her like a boss. Watch the video below.