PM Modi’s True Story Of A Cow Leaves Everyone In Tears

PM Modi's true story of a cow leaves everyone touched. Watch!


The Bharatiya Janata Party and its associated organizations of the ‘Sangh Parivar’ have initiated a campaign of sorts to bring respect to cows or “gau mata”. Cows hold holy relevance in Hindu culture and they are held equal to one’s mother. This is the reason why the government has been pushing for a ban on the slaughter of cows across the country.


This awakening on the importance of cows has also led to some unruly incidents where people have been indulging in violence in the name of cow vigilantism. Few incidents in the recent past have led to the oppositions accusing the BJP for incidents of violence by alleged ‘gaurakshaks’.


However PM Modi has said clearly that no one should take the law in their own hand in the name of ‘gau-raksha’. But despite this, some elements have been indulging in untoward violent activities, in what could be possible conspiracies to defame the Right-wing’s initiative.

Some activists and journalists have also called this initiative an “oppression” and a “strike” on their eating habits. According to them, a cow is just another animal and they have no problem in consuming its meat. But today PM Modi during his address in Ahmedabad narrated a true story of a cow which left everyone very touched. Watch the video below and you shall know why cows are treated as “mothers”.

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