Video: See How Kashmiri Locals Came To Rescue Lashkar-e-Taiba Terrorist Amidst Heavy Encounter!

See what the people did when the army was about to kill terrorist Bashir Lashkari. Watch the video below.


We all are aware of the sensitive situation prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir. The state has been facing constant terror and a state that has been witnessing violence since forever. It is not just a state, it actually has become a matter of disputes, debates and even politics. First we saw clippings of a terror mob slapping and harassing a CRPF jawan while he was performing election duty. Then again we witnessed a horryfying incident where a policemean Umar Fayaz was dragged out of his house by a terror gang and was lynched to death. Then recently we saw Jammu and Kashmir DSP who was lynched to death by a terror mob as well.

As long as Kashmir is in the grip of its ill-intentional separatists, its desperate youth and stone pelters and a bunch of alike selfish and corrupt state parties, we can hardly hope for the situation to get any better in the state. A lot has happened in the recent past in the state that has shaken the nation like a quake. Now to top it all, the common people there join the league too. Yes, the locals in Kashmir seem to have lost it, or seemed to have been carrying a brainwashed mind. We say this because the video that we have here for you shows how Kashmiri locals came to rescue of terrorists.

The entire country, people, system demands actions to be taken. They are often seen questioning how hard it is to carry out anti-militancy operations or why the civilians get killed by the army and security forces or how do they let the militants escape. They always question but they are unaware of how hard it becomes for the security forces to deal with such situations. This is because while carrying out counter-insurgency operations, the security establishment in Kashmir continues to grapple with not only the enemy but also the protesters, who even make often attempts to help the cornered militants (enemy) escape from the sites of gunfights. In this way, an enemy that could be shot down within seconds gets a clean check so easily.


Security forces in the Kashmir valley are thus facing serious challenges in their anti-militancy operations with this dangerous trend, which has almost become a routine of protesters coming out to rescue enemy militants from shootout sites. With each counter-insurgency operation, especially in South Kashmir, the locals, officials believe, are increasingly becoming emboldened to obstruct anti-militancy operations.

Military officials and security experts called it a dangerous trend. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has also been issuing serious warnings to locals against supporting militants. And you will be horrified to know despite of all these warnings, people time and again have come forward on a gunfight site to help militants escape when security forces were fighting with them. And the most shocking part is that we all never come to know about it from various news channels and established media houses. We never get to hear a word from the intellectuals, liberals, critic, politicians, writers, etc., on this trend that people follow to save the enemies of the nation. With these factors and with the media quiet, we hardly can hope for the situations to improve. This trend is spreading in many areas in Kashmir. It began in southern Kashmir last year when dozens of people started shouting slogans and throwing stones at security forces in a village near Pampore town. The trend has now seemingly spread to other parts of the Valley.

While mass protests and incidents of stone-throwing have been witnessed in the Valley since the death of Hizbul militant Burhan Wani, this shocking trend has become more challenging to deal with in recent times. The Army is doing everything to bring peace and stability in the Valley but it seems like people of the valley doesn’t want the same.

Following this trend, see how Kashmiri locals from Anantnag area came to the rescue of Lashkar terrorist Bashir Lashkari amidst heavy encounter. It can clearly be seen how security forces are set to shot down the militants but then they are met with locals who roar at them saying ‘Haath neeche karo, haath neeche karo’ and protecting the militants. Watch the video and you won’t believe your eyes.

Video From Kashmir by iSupportNamo