This Girl Is Waiting For PM Modi In Israel! Know Why!

Know who this woman is who is eagerly waiting for PM Modi.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi rewrote history today when he left for Israel earlier in the day. In the 70 years that India has been independent, this is the first time that an Indian Prime Minister is visiting Israel. Moreover PM Modi has been heartily welcomed by his Israeli counterpart, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This visit of PM Modi marks 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.


PM Modi’s visit of Israel has managed to create more buzz than any other foreign visit of his. His visit to the United States to meet President Donald Trump also seemed a little dull in grabbing eyeballs when compared to this yet to be completed visit.


Israel and India are major defence partners and therefore Pakistan will be closely watching this visit and the developments. Given Israel’s strong stance against terrorism, a strong and joint message is expected to be sent by the countries’ premiers to those trying to disrupt peace in the world.


PM Modi has been heartily welcomed by Israeli PM Netanyahu and he also announced that he will be accompanying PM Modi at most of the events during his 3-day visit. The Israeli media has also been very excited about this visit of PM Modi. A few people from Israel also recorded a video in Hindi to welcome PM Modi. But there is one woman who is waiting for PM Modi more than the others.

The name of the woman who is eagerly waiting for PM Modi is Leora Yitzhak. She is a singer of Indian origin who was born in Israel. Her ancestors hail from Mumbai. She took to learning Indian classical music at the age of 15 and stayed in India for a long period before returning to her parents in Israel.


Leora took her musical training in Pune. She was also present at the dinner party when Indian President Pranab Mukherjee was touring Israel. Know why she is awaiting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival and what she will be doing on PM Modi’s arrival, by watching the video below.

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