See What Benjamin Netanyahu Had To Say About Pakistan In An Exclusive Interview With Arnab Goswami!

Watch how Benjamin Netanyahu sent an uncompromised and tough message to Pakistan.


In an unmissable one on one exclusive interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday with his arms wide open, Arnab Goswami the managing director of Republic TV discussed various issues with the Israeli Prime Minister.


As he greeted Arnab from Jerusalem, Benjamin Netanyahu explained the significance of this historic visit by PM Modi. The interview was more focused on ways to tackle terrorism and indirectly targeted on nations harbouring terrorists. Netanyahu said that it is the responsibility of each country to ensure that its territory isn’t used as a launchpad to spread terror in other nations.

He said that Israel was committed to fighting terrorism, which he remarked, is an international problem and requires an international solution. Remembering the events of 26/1. Indirectly attacking Pakistan for harbouring terrorists the Israeli PM said, “Don’t harbour terror, the scorpion is going to turn around you and bite”.

He also added that Pakistan delayed the 26/11 trail and the terrorists and murderers must be brought to justice. There were several instances where he admired PM Modi and said he is a real leader and was impressed with his commitment to fight terrorism and promote technology.

He also spoke about radical terrorism and battle against ISIS. Have a look at the video where Benjamin Netanyahu indirectly slams Pakistan and warns them of not harbouring terror. See how Benjamin Netanyahu sent an uncompromised and tough message to Pakistan.

Watch the interview below: